The transition to green production




The green transition of the company demands both technical insight into your production and an understanding of the laws and regulations that create incentives for different solutions.

We identify your point of departure, analyse your business processes and present the possible solutions.

We help you with your green transition through analysis, consulting, and specific technical adjustment of your systems. So your production and operation will be both climate and environmentally sustainable, and economically sustainable.

The market – from production methods to client and investor preferences – is marked by subsidy schemes and taxes, which must also be included in the equation. These favour different strategies that are instrumental in driving green growth.

International agreements and political goals are translated into national emission reduction commitments, which companies will have to take on board sooner or later.

The green transition of the company requires the organisation to work systematically to avert, limit or delay the company’s contribution to global warming. It involves phasing out the use of fossil fuels while reducing the use of polluting resources and critical raw materials.

Our experience tells us that, for the transition to succeed, the company must take a broad-based approach, working across the organisation. The transition will not happen by addressing individual impacts, but by the organisation understanding the breadth of the problem and working holistically.

For the work to continue, the transition will have to take place in an economically viable manner. At EnergySolution, we always focus on project costs, payback period and the opportunity to strengthen your business.

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