Who are EnergySolution?

The future belongs to companies, who are both sustainable and competitive.

We make sure that companies can enter the sustainable future at the forefront. We have the technical expertise to transform your production so you BOTH lighten your footprint on the planet AND lower your costs.

At the same time, we help you to register and document your reductions, so that you can control and optimize your systems and show your stakeholders that you are committed to responsible growth.

We operate across your company. We advise the management on strategy and energy planning and on CSR and compliance. And we make concrete plans, which we help you roll out, both when it comes to project management, planning, contract management and documentation.

We will be your partner on the entire sustainability journey, both in terms of sustainability in general and the practical implementation and documentation. You get one partner who is on target for expert knowledge, action plans and effects. We make our ES-Portal available to you, so you can continuously see that we keep what we promise.
We can assist all customers with sustainability advice, but our core competence is in E in ESG (i.e. Energy/Climate). We draw on other of the market's most specialized advisers when it comes to S (social) and G (governance).
If you have a single technical challenge in your company or on your products (e.g. EPD), we will also be happy to assist you with that. We have a holistic approach, so even if it is a limited project, we will still see the challenge in a larger (technical) context.


More about us

Here at EnergySolution, we are consulting engineers specializing in energy and sustainability; and especially the interaction between them.

Since 2012, we have helped a large number of large industrial companies into a sustainable future. We have shown that we can optimize production so that you both save resources and reduce your costs, and so that you protect the climate and the environment as well as your finances.

We help you optimize your business so that you save energy, contribute to the green transition and achieve a more sustainable profile.

We measure and analyze your company's systems and processes and map your footprint from company level to product and service level.

We ensure that you use less and greener energy, use gentler raw materials and produce less waste. We think together and integrate the activities so that the whole works optimally.

Finally, we ensure that you can document your reductions and sustainable production methods to authorities, customers and business partners.

For us, sustainability is about the climate and the environment, but also about the economy. A solution is only sustainable in the long term if it is also financially sustainable. That is why we always recommend the solution that pays off best over time.

We take responsibility. Therefore, we are not satisfied with giving good advice, but prefer to follow the work to the door until we can see that what we are doing is working. And that is why we are the ones who stand face to face with you, even when there are subcontractors involved in the projects.

In EnergySolution, we believe both in the whole person and in the interaction between "nerds", who are allowed to immerse themselves in their specialties in order to constantly refine the details, and generalists, who orientate themselves more broadly and take the customers' needs as their starting point.

We believe in employees' extensive freedom to do what they do best, and we believe in collaboration and work-life balance. Therefore, we can only use managers and employees who care about whether we get on well together and become smarter.

It has been my philosophy from the outset that we should lift the level of the consulting industry from optimising on individual components to optimising the connection between the components. For example, even the most optimal refrigeration system may be unnecessary if the production can be designed without refrigeration instead.
Martin Raaby Skou
Founder, EnergySolution




Our mixed bag of qualifications, skills and personalities makes us a strong team of nerds with an undying passion for making things better. We develop solutions together because we believe that competent, professional sparring is the way the best results are achieved.


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