Reporting and communication of your efforts to address climate change and environmental issues 




Good communication is credible communication. That means doing what you say: walking the talk.

We help you implement the initiatives that lead to real and measurable results which can be documented and communicated.

At the same time, we ensure that the measures are also financially sustainable for you, so that the good example you set persists and becomes genuine inspiration for others.

Finally, we help you report and prepare climate documentation that complies with the requirements of authorities, business partners and certification schemes.

More and more companies are actively using their climate profile in their communication. Both in their PR and marketing, and when they write annual reports. This is due diligence, at a time when consumers, employees, investors and authorities are demanding that the company be open about what it does.

The authorities and customers are increasingly demanding to see climate reporting. A large number of companies must now report on their progress towards set standards or through voluntary schemes in order to document the company’s climate and community efforts. This places new demands on your organisation.

At EnergySolution, we help you document and report on your company’s efforts to address climate change and environmental issues to ensure that you meet reporting requirements in connection with the legislation and voluntary reporting such as Energy Audit (Energisyn), Section 99 of the Danish Financial Statements Act (Årsregnskabsloven), EU CSRD, Science Based Targets, etc.

The future belongs not only to the green goods on the shelves, but to entire value and supply chains that are green, and stock portfolios and pension schemes that are green.

The right communication helps position your company in the new reality, and it is important that the organisation is familiar with the demands made and the benchmarks set by other players so that it knows what should be communicated and reported.

The company’s stakeholders not only expect the company to communicate truthfully, but they also expect the results it communicates to be significant, and for any claims it makes to be verifiable. There have been too many examples of companies exaggerating their performance.

So you can easily be accused of greenwashing if your greenness pales behind the façade. At EnergySolution, we give you a sustainable profile which everyone can see is green – all the way through.

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