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At EnergySolution, we help you switch to renewable energy sources and save energy in your systems and in your buildings. We call this conversion, reduction and optimisation.

This is the primary path to your company’s green transition. But the heat in the pipes and the power in the cables take on colour according to the energy mix that flows through them. So, we help you choose the right providers and compensate in other ways if some of the energy comes from fossil sources.

There are many options to buy green power and for carbon offsetting in the market today. But we guide you so you can have a transparent and trustworthy climate-friendly profile.

If you’re ambitious, we’d like to help you become carbon neutral. The first three steps are to convert, reduce and optimise, the fourth is to compensate, for example through support for afforestation, which binds CO2 from the atmosphere. Finally, the initiatives must be documented and preferably also certified. Once the work is done, you will have a strong sustainability profile that also strengthens your brand as an employer.

Only time will tell how future-proof your sustainable profile is. The pressure is already on from NGOs and progressive companies not only to become climate neutral, but to overcompensate and become climate positive.

There are many climate compensation providers out there, and it can be difficult to choose between them. We help you hand-pick the most serious partners, who offer effective, transparent projects supervised by independent parties.

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