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Esbjerg-based company GLASPARTNER advises its customers on their choice of glass solutions, and produces and supplies everything in glass.



Suppliers to the construction industry face competition – not only from Danish companies, but also from companies abroad.

However, the Danish construction industry increasingly insists on sustainable production throughout the supply chain.

The Danish Construction Association (Dansk Byggeri) estimates that 60 percent of its members wish to build sustainably.
GLASPARTNER can thus benefit from being able to document the carbon emission of its products at order level.

We are in fierce competition with foreign suppliers to the construction industry. Having a life cycle assessment in our hands puts us in a stronger position. Now I can show our Danish customers that our carbon emissions are significantly lower than those of our closest competitors in Poland. It’s a good starting point for us when we go in as a subcontractor and bid on the increasing number of projects where the focus of the developer is on climate change and environmental issues.
Ib Madsen


EnergySolution has mapped GLASPARTNER’s products from “cradle to gate”, i.e. throughout the life cycle of the range, from the sourcing of raw materials until the product is packaged and ready to be shipped out to customers.

The project included:

  • Mapping, validating and collecting data
  • Preparation of the LCA for the entire company
  • Preparation of product statement data model
  • Development of tools for calculation of order-specific climate impact
  • Benchmark analysis of competitors abroad
  • Integration into production flow
  • Preparation of sales support tools and equipment
  • Identification of initiatives to reduce climate and environmental impact, both at company and product level

The project ran over a three-month period. Glaspartner was primarily involved in the data collection and in adaptation of the company’s ERP systems.

We have presented the life cycle assessment in a detailed report, supplied with a calculation tool which allows GLASPARTNER to calculate the precise carbon emissions of specific orders for different types of double glazing.


  • A fully documented life cycle assessment (LCA) of the company and its various products
  • A tool for calculation of the specific carbon footprint at product level
  • A benchmark analysis showing that GLASPARTNER is a more climate and environmentally friendly choice than its closest competitors
  • A clear picture of where the company and its products have the biggest impact on the climate and the environment, and thus where action can be taken to reduce the impact
  • An exact figure showing the climate load per kilo of goods
  • A corresponding figure for competitors in Poland
  • Invaluable competitive advantages over the limited one-off investment in the lifecycle assessment

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