At EnergySolution, we help you build a sustainable future for your business. We give you an eco- and climate friendly profile by making your production as energy efficient and circular as possible.


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Sustainability & Energy - fact-based

EnergySolution are consulting engineers specializing in energy and sustainability; and especially the interaction between them.

We have unique competences within both areas of expertise; right from the strategic planning, to its management and up to the operational implementation; including providing the technical solutions and contracts.

We know when you are sustainable in the eyes of the authorities, customers and society. And we know how you will be.

We turn ideas into reality, documented with data. We tailor the solution to your strategy and think all the way around your business, operations and CSR.

Process and energy optimization

We have deep insight into energy and technology, and our ambition from the beginning has been that we want to raise the level in the consultancy industry from optimizing individual components to optimizing the connection between the components; a holistic approach to work with process & production optimization.

We offer 'engineering' as a separate service when you want to adjust your supply strategy or optimize your energy consumption, or as an element of our consultancy in sustainability.

We take responsibility for the entire enterprise, so you have one adviser - one responsibility.


We help you with your green transition - based on facts. Based on your strategy, the regulations in the area, and the requirements from your customers and other stakeholders, we equip you to make the right choices in energy, sustainability and optimization.

We collect your data for climate footprint and energy consumption in our digital portal, where you can see your consumption and your possible optimisations.

We measure both your products, your company and your suppliers, so that your green transition is efficient and profitable all around - now and in the future.


Using our combined technical expertise and strategic understanding of sustainability, we guide you holistically through your sustainable transition, preparing for the green transition in a financially sustainable way together – and thus make a positive contribution to our common future.

You may not have embarked on your journey yet, or you may already be working on your sustainability. No matter the stage of your process, we’re ready to help you move on to the next stage of the journey towards the green transition.



We’ve divided the journey towards the green transition into seven stages

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EnergySolution’s handling of the project has been great from start to finish, and we’ve worked so well together. We’re delighted with our new intelligent indoor air conditioning system, which just runs by itself – it’s made a huge difference to the working environment and production.
Ulrik Jakobsen
COO, SGM Light A/S

Why is carbon footprint mapping so important?

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we’ll tell you why carbon footprint mapping is so relevant – not just for large companies but for SMEs, too – and we’ll give you several good reasons why you don’t want to leave it too late to get started.


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